Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is the latest in cosmetic skin resurfacing. It is a light dermabrasion system which helps achieve beautiful healthy skin, by gently removing the outer skin layer. Inert crystals are blown onto the skin under pressure and then vacuumed off using a sterlised nozzle. This process remove dead skin cells and encourage circulation to the treated skin used to blend and improve skin irregularities and promote cell renewal and is suitable for all ages.

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More About Crystal Clear

Just like physical health and fitness, skin much be exercised to keep it looking younger. A true fitness programme will stimulate skin cells to regenerate faster and with regularity.

In independent clinical trials, Crystal Clear was shown to dramatically improve the texture and appearance of facial skin.

Crystal Clear will treat a wide range of skin problems and skin colours, safely and effectively.

The immediate results you can expect: rough, dull areas feel smoother, skin appears more supple and radiates a clean, fresh and sparkling tone.

A series of treatments done biweekly can improve the appearance of enlarged pores, crow's feet and other fine lines, lighten brown spots and rejuventate sun damaged or rough coarse textured skin. In other words, one treatment results in a smooth, glowing complexion - ideal for the person who wants to look good for a party. Successive treatments maximise the benefits and can produce more dramatic results.